I'm Amber

a Dutch photographer specializing in wedding, portrait, maternity, newborn, family, documentary and lifestyle photography. I am based in Marseille, France, but work across borders.

I love traveling, drinking many cups of tea while having good conversations, and adventuring with my husband and three kids.

Photography to me is about telling stories, looking closer, and capturing the connection, authenticity and all the big emotions and little details that make you, or your family, uniquely you.

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About me

Growing up I have always loved everything creative. Yet, because of my love for story telling and writing I eventually decided to pursue a career in journalism. Photography was merely a dear passion that fed my creative side. Friends started to ask me to shoot their weddings, and more and more I began to realise that photography is my favorite way of telling stories. My sense of urgency for portraying the truth in journalism made place for a longing to capture the core; the true and unique self of whoever I find in front of my lens. Hence, my photography is both journalistic and personal.

I always feel privileged to be allowed into my clients' lives and to be able to witness and capture some of their happiest, sweetest and most intimate moments, and making sure that my images help them to treasure these moments, and the emotions that go with them, for a lifetime.

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